Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This picture pretty much sums up how my run went yesterday. I didn't exactly puke....but my stomach didnt feel too well.

I had planed to do my long run of about 10 miles yesterday but the weather has been awful this weekend. I was staring at the radar all morning looking for a window of opportunity to get the run in before the next down pour.

Finally, late in the afternoon I gave up eyeballing the computer and geared up for my run. After the first 2 miles, it started to pour down rain.

After 3 miles, my right earbud to my ipod quit. And its still pouring and now Im soaked. I decided not to go 10 miles but maybe just 5.

But the rain stopped and I had one working earbud. I decided to go 7.

After 4.5 miles I get a stomach cramp....and my shoes feel like brick sponges. It starts pouring again and my ipod quit.

After 5.2 miles, I have a cramp in my stomach so bad I have to stop. Am I actually getting runner's trots?? I NEVER get runner's trots!

I start to run after the cramp subsides. It starts pouring down rain again.  I see another runner with his dog at mile 5.8 and he says "Sure does feel good doesn't it??" Right....

I hit 6 miles and now Im praying that I can make it home without having an accident because the cramps are really killing me and my legs hurt and I'm sick of it all.

Mile 7 and I stop. But...Im still about .30 miles from home. I walk. I walk the walk of survival because I know that if I dont get to the house soon....well.....Im gonna have my first ever accident.

I get to the house and make it to the potty wet self and all......

It was the suckiest most awful run ever. And its raining still today....and I didn't get to redeem myself.

Ok, it's time for a running make over. I went out and bought a roller for my sore hamstrings and glutes. I'm going to eliminate the junky junk food, get more protein in my diet, hit the gym at least once a week and ride my bike. Something has gotta give here because my running has gone down hill since the marathon.

I'm going to shoot for the Elizabeth River Run 8K next weekend and kick off a new season of training! Hope everyone had a restful and DRY weekend ;-)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is basically what has been consuming the majority of my time and energy. This new little bundle of joy.

Brody the golden boy is officially 12 weeks old but we are on our 4th week together and as puppy raising goes....all has gone well.

The only thing is that he is SPOILED rotten. Even Bailey didn't get the kind of treatment Brody gets.

Brody already sleeps with me and goes EVERYWHERE in the truck with me.

Unfortunately, I don't have children.....really it was not because I never wanted kids...but I spent many years in a relationship I should have gotten out of. I made a series of bad relationship choices and now I'm in my 40's with the perfect man....but it's very questionable on whether well will have kids. A bit risky at my age.....

Long story maternal instincts have all been dumped on this puppy so I speak like a googly dumb new mommy in this video and I swear I treat him and talk about him like he was a 2 year old human!

Well, running has really been tough since Shamrock...and not for lack of motivation but damn! It hurts like hell right now! I'm so frustrated too because it just doesn't seem to want to let up. I feel like maybe its just knotted up muscles in my butt....that's where all the pain is. My knees, calves and quads are all fine. Just my butt.....ooooh....its so sore still!! I have been getting plenty of rest slept and fought allergies for the majority of my spring break.

So, I bagged the 1/2 marathon last weekend and pussed out of a 10K I was signed up for today. I'm just not up to it. Its pitiful.....

The weather has turned around on the East Coast FINALLY and I'm going to shift gears and start riding my bike.

I need to work on a running goal....I'm a little lost right now with out a goal.

Until time and energies go here-

A rescued soul....who rescued mine......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Better Late then Never.....

Holy late's been three weeks since I ran the Shamrock Marathon.....and really it was certainly a race blog worthy.

So, again here is my story in all it's glory and the lessons I learned.

As far as marathons go.....the "day" itself could not have been more perfect. The temps were in the mid 40's to start and the skies were clear and blue....there was absolutely no wind. So, weather was never ever a factor.

Nerves, however, were....

I got to the start line with Running Buddy so full of nerves, I could have lit up the entire city of Virginia Beach....

And it all started a week prior to the race. 

If you have kept up with my blog, you would know that I had lost my beloved pet companion "Bailey" in January....and I was on a list of potential "adoptive" parents for a puppy from a litter rescued from a puppy farm just an hour outside of were I live. I was on pins and needles to even know if I had been approved to adopt.

Marathon weekend was more than just about the was about the puppy, trying to qualify for Boston....and of course my year long running journey with my running companion....Running Buddy, who was also looking to PR her 2nd marathon.

So, you can imagine the mental wreck I was at the start line.

Time marched on....and the gun went off. 

I had made the decision to stay in between the 3:40 and 3:50 pace group....which in the end bit me in the ass.

First of all, the 3:50 pacer started off WAY too at an 8:15 pace for the first 5k. It scared me and about a half dozen others in the group. But, luckily, the lead guy realized his speed and slowed drastically which pushed me about 30 sec. ahead of the group overall by the first 10K.

And that is where I stayed for the entire run.....until.....mile 22. 

This is officially, where my race and fight for the BQ time began.

Friends....for all of the first 21 miles, I was in an awesome place.....felt good, strong, confident and steady. I was on my own, but I stayed within a reasonable pace.

But, by mile 22, I had to start praying. I wouldn't say I "hit the wall" like I did in Outer Banks. I felt ok, tired, but cardio wise, I felt ok. Muscles....well the fight was on. I got a nasty, gnarly and wicked unfamiliar cramp in my right calf. Weird....but painful....

And it slowed me down. It never stopped me....but it slowed me down on the last 4 miles.

Those last 4 miles were a fight for my life....literally, a fight for my BQ time.

I have NEVER, pushed and struggled so hard and worked through the worst "charlie horse" in my LIFE!!!

I used to think that people who got "charlie horse" cramps were crazy...and there I was...on the last 4 miles with a wicked Charlie Horse cramp.

I struggled and used mental strategies as the 3:50 pace group started closing the gap on me.....closer and closer....mile 24, mile 25 and that group was breathing down my back and my cramp was bringing tears to my eyes. I had not one second to stop, stretch, or catch my breath.....literally, I had to speed up.

The 3:50 group caught me and passed me on the 26th mile.

Has it been said that the marathon has been won or lost on the .2 mile? Because mine was WON on that .2 mile.....


But really 3:40:09.....because my chip time and start time are the same and I did NOT start with the gun.

I only had 19 seconds to spare to qualify for Boston....

And although I'm proud and was WAY too close for comfort.

My training efforts payed off....and despite the emotional loss of my golden retriever pet of 10 years mid way through my training cycle....I pushed through.....with the love and dedication of a good running partner, boyfriend and mother/best friend....I met my goal and qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Running Buddy still asks me to this VERY day....."do you feel like a different runner now??" and I say...."no....not really..." still I feel very humble. weeks later, recovered, stronger and happier...yeah....I do feel like a different runner...and person....

Because, I found strength in me that I NEVER thought existed.

It would have been so easy to quit after I put Bailey to sleep.....

But I didn't.

It would have been so easy to quit after I felt so tired.....and SOOO sad.....

But I didn't....

And I won...

I won the greatest honor a runner can achieve...

I qualified for the Boston Marathon...

A 41 year old woman...

who only ever ran to lose weight...stay in shape...and stay healthy.....

The dream came true...

And a stronger runner, more motivated person....more grateful individual had been born.

Man....did I learn some life lessons.

Live every day like its your last....sounds so cliche' dear friends....and I used to think I was the poster child of appreciating every moment until my dog died. He was all I had.....then I had nothing. And I didn't know how to go on.

Run every run like it could be your last......

You never know when you can't or won't be able to.

Dig deep into your are always..... ALWAYS....stronger than you think you are and you can endure more pain than you think you can when your dream is on the line.

Am I a different runner now??? As my Running Buddy would ask....and who by the way PR'd by an ENTIRE HOUR (thanks to my special training and dedication to her dream!) and finished 4:14 ( last year her time was 5:12)

HELL FUCKIN' YEAH I feel different now! I'm goin' to BOSTON BABY!!!!!

 But still, there is a humbleness about me....and a deep appreciation for my own strength...and for the powers above...

Because not only did I did make the Boston time.....but I was ALSO blessed with a golden retriever puppy marathon weekend. 

I am very happy and satisfied with all the work and efforts......

I am blessed...

Thank you blogger friends for all of your kind comments and thoughts through my journey...

More great things to come!

Next weekend....well.....another half marathon I hope to PR by at least one minute!

Stay tuned!!

Toodles from the East Coast!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two words.....


It wasn't easy and it was close....3:50:09...thank goodness they take up to :59 seconds past the qualifying time. That was the hardest race EVER.

Running Buddy made me this T-Shirt.....and I can't wait to crack open the champagne tomorrow with her! Right now, its all about the beer and the relief. Full race report tomorrow as I have taken the day off from work! It was an interesting race.....

Thanks for all the kind comments and support friends!!! It sure is nice to be a part of such a tight nit community of runners!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Deep Breath

I can't believe that tomorrow is almost in tomorrow I will be running my 7th marathon. This time, it's not about "just finishing" but about racing. I have never in my life "raced" a marathon but this time it's real. I'm still a little on the fence about my pace but I'm shooting for an 8:40 mpm which should bring me in just under the 3:50 finish time I need for Boston.

To say I'm nervous is putting it so mildly that it's almost not worth mentioning.

I went to the expo yesterday to get my number and chip and of course do a little frivolous the way I found a very cute podium jacket with the Shamrock logo.....makes me feel "elite" Ha! 

Anyway, as I was wandering around the expo with purchases in hand, I came across a vendor who was selling t-shirts that said "One Deep Breath" and in an oval surrounding the saying are some other motivating quotes such as "keep life simple, enjoy every moment" etc. Well, it certainly caught my eye as I have been sweating and sitting on pins and needles all week.

Is it really that simple to just take "one deep breath"? 

Yes, it really IS that simple to take one deep breath today.....because each time I do, I feel just a little more relaxed and a little less stressed and it reminds me to just breathe and enjoy. It will be what it matter what I do.

So, a few mantras to take with me tomorrow.....thank you to the Laminator and Frayed Laces for "Don't Deny Your Awesomeness" and I will remind myself at the start and throughout the race to take "One Deep Breath."

It has been one HELL of a journey since my running of the Shamrock last year at this time with my Running Buddy who is also stressing and nervous. I realized just how much I have been through emotionally and physically and I know in my heart I am a much stronger woman for it.

So, here I go ready or not!!! And the weather?? P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!! Upper 40's at the start, mid 50's near the end and FULL ON SUNSHINE with very little wind.

Here are some random pictures of my, Wonder Boy (at the Hair of the Dog 5K) and Bailey (just before he passed away)....enjoy and send the good marathon vibes blogger buds!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hardcore defined

This weekend, I may have discovered  one element that can define one as a hardcore runner......freezing rain. Yes, running in the freezing rain. I suffered through weather conditions that would send most normal minded people onto their couch all day with a good movie or book. 

I'm not sure the word "miserable" does me justice when I describe how I felt running my 20 miler in the rain on Saturday.

The forecast was for a coastal storm to start creeping up through the Carolinas this weekend and it all began Saturday morning. I got awake to darkening skies....and Running Buddy and I both had our last long run scheduled for that morning. We had not planned to run together, but we both knew the impending conditions. Neither of us wanted to suffer alone. So after a few texts and some last minute planning, we made it out to the official starting point of the Shamrock Marathon ready to simulate 20 miles on the course. As soon as I picked Running Buddy up, the rain started.

Luckily for us, it was an easy start with the wind to our backs and we were both pretty well layered (another plug for that very cool Nike jacket I bought a while back). We made it about 9 miles until we hit the boardwalk into the wind and that's when the misery started.

The wind must have been blowing 10-15 mph steady with gusts up to 20 and the rain was beating us to death. We ran about 20 streets up the boardwalk and exited onto the trolley lane heading to the north end. That was around mile 12. By this time, things were starting to get really tough.

Running Buddy and I trudged up towards the north end in blustery wind driven rain. By mile 14, we were soaked, tired and hungry so we stopped to eat. More trouble began as we tried to start back up and my Running Buddy got panicked over being cold and wet. She says "Kelly! I'm miserable!" We really didn't have much further to go and we were not far from the car on the turn around, so, after asking "What would YOU do??"....Running Buddy put on the tough girl panties and made it all the way to the turn around with a potty break near the end.

So, what defines us as hardcore runners? Probably more adverse conditions than I could list in my post. I know that my Running Buddy has suffered through major bouts of trots and hydration issues and now she has learned to brave the elements. She is becoming hardcore.

But I realized something about myself on that miserable run on Sunday....3 hours in 40 degree temps with wind and rain. I discovered that I have strengthened my ability to endure pain and misery. I guess you just do as a result of running which inflicts some pain on you most of the time. But the will to go on when the conditions just SUCK.....that's strength I never thought I had.

So, I like to think that yeah, I'm a bit crazy and obsessed in my running....but I've become a little more hardcore.

Miserable highlights:
1. Major boob burn from a soaking wet bra that has now turned into a dry scab ouch
2. Hands so cold from wet gloves, I started to see stars
3. Hallucinated a port a john that actually turned out to be a transit bus...hell they were the             same color.
4. Drymax socks WORK! Hey, the socks were soaked and I swear it never felt like it.
5. The Nike Jacket stayed dry for about 15 miles...but then it was a wet rag. 
6. My Nike Livestrong capris beaded the rain the entire 20 miles and ended up winning the "driest piece of clothing" award from yours truly.
7. The mind can talk the body into anything the heart has the will to do.....just believe in the run. (That's my feeble attempt to get all deep and philosophical) 

So, that's the story in all its glory....time for taper!

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