Sunday, May 17, 2009


This picture pretty much sums up how my run went yesterday. I didn't exactly puke....but my stomach didnt feel too well.

I had planed to do my long run of about 10 miles yesterday but the weather has been awful this weekend. I was staring at the radar all morning looking for a window of opportunity to get the run in before the next down pour.

Finally, late in the afternoon I gave up eyeballing the computer and geared up for my run. After the first 2 miles, it started to pour down rain.

After 3 miles, my right earbud to my ipod quit. And its still pouring and now Im soaked. I decided not to go 10 miles but maybe just 5.

But the rain stopped and I had one working earbud. I decided to go 7.

After 4.5 miles I get a stomach cramp....and my shoes feel like brick sponges. It starts pouring again and my ipod quit.

After 5.2 miles, I have a cramp in my stomach so bad I have to stop. Am I actually getting runner's trots?? I NEVER get runner's trots!

I start to run after the cramp subsides. It starts pouring down rain again.  I see another runner with his dog at mile 5.8 and he says "Sure does feel good doesn't it??" Right....

I hit 6 miles and now Im praying that I can make it home without having an accident because the cramps are really killing me and my legs hurt and I'm sick of it all.

Mile 7 and I stop. But...Im still about .30 miles from home. I walk. I walk the walk of survival because I know that if I dont get to the house soon....well.....Im gonna have my first ever accident.

I get to the house and make it to the potty wet self and all......

It was the suckiest most awful run ever. And its raining still today....and I didn't get to redeem myself.

Ok, it's time for a running make over. I went out and bought a roller for my sore hamstrings and glutes. I'm going to eliminate the junky junk food, get more protein in my diet, hit the gym at least once a week and ride my bike. Something has gotta give here because my running has gone down hill since the marathon.

I'm going to shoot for the Elizabeth River Run 8K next weekend and kick off a new season of training! Hope everyone had a restful and DRY weekend ;-)

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