Sunday, December 28, 2008

Electric Shock and 20 miles

Here is a new analogy for my love of track workouts....electric shock treatment. Yup, that's what it felt like on Friday. You all probably think I'm some sort of nut.....track beast, track monster and now electric shock therapy. I wonder how many negative terms I can come up with during this training cycle.



1000m @ 4:16 TIMES 5...ugh..

#1 4:10 opps....I couldn't seem to get it right the first time on the track and I felt like I just had the shit shocked out of me....ZAAAPPPP
#2 4:21 now that's more like it but I thought for SURE I was going to yak....had to bend over.
#3 4:16 NAILED it....with another wave of yakage....
#4 4:22 I couldn't hold on but I didn't feel like puking....maybe not pushing hard enough??
#5 4:22 I was toast.... literally

Sort of Accomplished

I'm not unhappy with my results because I did work my ass off and it wore me out so bad I went home and took a huge nap. Yipes....

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and a scheduled 20 mile run and I had my first fight with Running. Yes, I got SO mad I swear I teared up. I could not BELIEVE my GPS for one thing....when I got to mile 18 I felt like I really should have been on  mile 19 and my legs were screaming for me to PLEASE stop. It was very frustrating and honestly I felt very emotional. I just couldn't push my legs to go a little faster on the last 2 miles. I was so mad but so glad to be done.

Results: 20 miles @ 8:55 total time 2:58

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was exceptional as always and I am so grateful for the love of my family, Wonder Boy and all the things we have in our lives. I couldn't be more blessed.

The New Year looms....and I have been thinking A LOT about where I was in my running this time last year. Whoa.....that will be a post in itself.

Next week is Hair of the Dog 5K on New Year's Day and Wonder Boy and I will run together. Then, Saturday the local Distance Series Tune up begins for the Shamrock Marathon. Good stuff to look forward to!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Track Beast

Ok, so the picture is a bit dramatic, but this is my mental image of track days.....facing a beast.

Gawd....track is ROUGH. I just can't seem to embrace the work that needs to be done. I'm like a whiney baby that doesn't want to go to school.

I procrastinated this one bad this week and ended up having to do my pukepeats the day after a 17 mile run. Yes friends, I did 17 miles yesterday with Running Buddy and I REALLY don't recommend hard track work after a seriously long run. Most experts would probably agree.

So here are the highlights:
-First track location.....CLOSED FOR REPAIRS...and flooded from this morning's rain. Uh's your chance to bail out!!! 

-2nd track location.....lookin' good BUT DOORS ARE LOCKED.'s another chance to bag this run.

-Nope....just climb the one will see you fall on  your ass with your backpack strapped to your back as you attempt a 5 foot drop.

15 min warm up (6 laps)
1200m @ 5:10 (actual time was 5:08)
1000m @ 4:16 (4:10 almost vomitted in my mouth on this lap...the horror.....)
800m @ 3:23 (3:27 oops ....went too hard on the last repeat)
600m @ 2:31 (2:20 YES!)
400m @ 1:39 (1:39...nailed it to the second)
10 min cool down (5 laps)

I was one happy mother to spit in the face of that track beast. I get such a rush of confidence when I hit all the track target times. But it doesn't last because I always come back to the track scared and nervous I will fail. Then I will be all pissed with myself.

I watched The Biggest Loser the other night (the finale) and the winner, Michelle, had a GREAT statement about her commitment to weight loss...she said "you just have to surrender yourself to the process." Well, she is order for me to get faster, I have to surrender to the process it takes to GET faster. It just has to be.

I am going to whine and bitch about track for the next 14 weeks. But I know in the will all pay off.

I drove away from the track smiling from ear to ear as the beast wandered off into the setting sun. I won the battle today.

I logged some big miles this week. I also got some crud from the petri dish that is my job....and I have had no voice for the last 3 days. Not good for a speech therapist. I am officially off for 2 weeks and I am looking forward to some non-rushed workouts and runs in the sunlight. Next weekend is my first 20 miler of this training cycle and I am PUMPED!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Track Monster

All I can say about yesterday's track run is *Blech* I should have just bagged that workout because my heart wasn't in it. I don't know why I dread the track so bad but I just do. Joy put it best when she compared it to Dante's Circles of Hell....apparently...if I read it correctly on Wikipidia....this is a divine comedy divide into 3 parts, Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. Well, if that doesn't describe track work than I don't know what else does...

First, you enter the circle of Hell.....running your ass off for 8oo meters or more (after a warm up) just hurts like HELL.

Second, you enter the circle of Purgatory.....running your ass off 4-8 MORE times for 800 meters puts you in a painful place of temporary punishment getting ready for the final step.... 

Paradise or Heaven.....isn't it heaven when you are finally finished with all that hell??

My track work continues to follow the FIRST plan for a BQ marathon finish. So, the prescription for this week's track included 4 x 800m for 3:23 min with 2 min rest intervals.

To add insult to injury the track was FLOODED as a result of some seriously torrential downpours we had the day before so the 2 back corners of the track were impassable and required a 10 second walk through the slushy, sloppy, muddy grass (which dirtied up my shoes!! Grr....)

Running Buddy saw the ugly mean side of my rude ass....which in turn will probably guarantee me a 15 mile long run by myself tomorrow...I deserve it for my poor behavior yesterday. I pouted like a baby because I was so not motivated. The running was challenging and the track was just plain flooded which interrupted the flow of my pace. I just wasn't happy.

So blech.....I think I may try to join the local running group on Tuesday nights for track work. Maybe if there is a group of people plodding along....I will feel more motivated to get the work done.

The rest of the running story continues......have a great weekend blogger friends!~

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Turkey Trot or a Trotting Turkey???

This might be one of the dumbest posts ever...but tonight my dear friends.... I got chased by a turkey on my run. Yeah, you read it right....a FRICKIN' TURKEY!

I was 2 miles into my 6 miler tonight....crankin' a good 8 mpm pace....ZZ Top blazin' in my ear when I come upon a few "wild" baby turkeys. No big deal...I see them all the time on my runs. I really thought they were partidges or something. Who the hell knows??

Anyway, they were so cute all gathered in the middle of the street as I came running up on them. Then OUT OF THE BUSHES comes the mutha turkey and she was NOT happy. I'm tellin you this turkey was a full on big ass turkey!!  What the hell?? That turkey came after me pissed off. 

I have NEVER had such an experience. And really it wouldn't be blog worthy if it hadn't been for the fact that normally, I get chased by dogs..... and angry drivers or jerks on bikes. But a TURKEY?? chased me for about 2 min up the road with its wrinkly nasty neck and red goozle all stretched out ready to peck my freakin' leg! I really couldn't believe it was happening to me.

Ok, this really isn't the turkey that chased me....but this is EXACTLY what she looked like. That chase felt like it went on forever.

Tonight's run results: 
6 miles in 47 min 47 seconds and a trip to the gym for some core work

Weekend run results
51 min 10K with Running Buddy at the Army/Navy 10k (got 6th place)
1 hr 52 min 13 miler with Running Buddy in the CCCold and wind.....

Happy Monday friends...oh and a big ass shout out to Frayed Laces who scored BOSTON this weekend!! 

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pace Setter

I am so honored to be the featured Pace Setter runner this week on April and Amy's blog. Go check out my interview and also check out some of April and Amy's past posts....they are great bloggers...very funny and very inspiring. Thanks again girls!!

Ok, so tomorrow Running Buddy and I are going to run the Army/Navy 10. I am excited because this will be a race for my Running Buddy since I have already hit my 10K PR. Now it is her turn and we are both pretty excited. Although it does look to be pretty chilly.

Sunday, we will be running a 13 mile run hopefully at an 8:53 mpm pace. I am currently following the Boston Qualifying time training plan that is featured in the "Run Less Run Faster" book by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr and Ray Moss. 

Running Buddy and I had an awesome track workout yesterday. I was less than motivated but my trusty partner kept my mind focused. We ran 3 x 1600's at a 7:05 mpm pace (*gasp*). That sucked and it was hard but I hit the mark and Running Buddy was just a few seconds behind me. We did 400m rest intervals in between with a warm up mile and a cool down mile. It was a great workout and very motivating.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks to all of you who keep up with my blog! Thanks again to Amy and April....

I will post race reports and details hopefully on Sunday!  Good luck to anyone who is racing this weekend too-

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