Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Deep Breath

I can't believe that tomorrow is almost in tomorrow I will be running my 7th marathon. This time, it's not about "just finishing" but about racing. I have never in my life "raced" a marathon but this time it's real. I'm still a little on the fence about my pace but I'm shooting for an 8:40 mpm which should bring me in just under the 3:50 finish time I need for Boston.

To say I'm nervous is putting it so mildly that it's almost not worth mentioning.

I went to the expo yesterday to get my number and chip and of course do a little frivolous the way I found a very cute podium jacket with the Shamrock logo.....makes me feel "elite" Ha! 

Anyway, as I was wandering around the expo with purchases in hand, I came across a vendor who was selling t-shirts that said "One Deep Breath" and in an oval surrounding the saying are some other motivating quotes such as "keep life simple, enjoy every moment" etc. Well, it certainly caught my eye as I have been sweating and sitting on pins and needles all week.

Is it really that simple to just take "one deep breath"? 

Yes, it really IS that simple to take one deep breath today.....because each time I do, I feel just a little more relaxed and a little less stressed and it reminds me to just breathe and enjoy. It will be what it matter what I do.

So, a few mantras to take with me tomorrow.....thank you to the Laminator and Frayed Laces for "Don't Deny Your Awesomeness" and I will remind myself at the start and throughout the race to take "One Deep Breath."

It has been one HELL of a journey since my running of the Shamrock last year at this time with my Running Buddy who is also stressing and nervous. I realized just how much I have been through emotionally and physically and I know in my heart I am a much stronger woman for it.

So, here I go ready or not!!! And the weather?? P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!! Upper 40's at the start, mid 50's near the end and FULL ON SUNSHINE with very little wind.

Here are some random pictures of my, Wonder Boy (at the Hair of the Dog 5K) and Bailey (just before he passed away)....enjoy and send the good marathon vibes blogger buds!!


KrissyGo! said...

What a cool new milestone. All my best mojo to you tomorrow!

Jen said...

I heart you! Good luck! You are a HUGE inspiration to me!!

Did you get my email?

Beautiful Bailey.

Hugs to you, I will think of you, have a great time Kelly!
Excited to get a full recap.

joyRuN said...

Good luck & have an awesome time!

You're going to be great, Kelly!!!

aron said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! you have trained hard, just go in focused and ready to go... you know you are ready! run smart, smile and have a great time :) good luck and i will be pulling for you!!! BQ here you come!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck...I follow your blog and was heartsick reading about your dog. I had to put my golden down about a month before you lost yours...

The Happy Runner said...

Good luck!! I hope you hit your pace and run a terrific race!

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