Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Out of the Funk and onto the Road....

I think I'm coming out of the dark and the post marathon funk is finally dissipating. I must say that after a week and a half past marathon, it was a rough emotional ride. It's bad enough just finishing the marathon and then just "missing" it like a long lost loved one who has gone away. But, all the crap that happened with my Running Buddy getting sick just made the funk that much worse. But, I'm feeling much better and I'm back on the road with a new goal!!

So, my activities post marathon have included:

1. Some easy running
2. Some easy spinning on the trainer
3. Making a vision board for the BQ goal
4. Keeping my head above water at work 
5. Enjoying a bit of down time between training cycles
6. Spending money on running stuff (new pink sunglasses, a winter running jacket....uh oh)

I did take it "easy" last week, as I was trying to recover....but it was tough. This past weekend I did a 10 miler and it felt awesome. It was hard to believe the weekend before I ran a marathon. I would safely say that I'm 90% recovered from OBX and in one week, I will start the training cycle for the Shamrock Marathon in March. It makes me so happy!

Worked sucked an egg roll was just hectic and it started with temps in the 30's with a 20 degree wind chill and I had to drag the damn trash cans out. Then I realized I needed to get some candy for two 4th grade students who won a contest I have every I had to stop at the grocery store. Then I get to work and all hell broke loose and it was just a long day.

By the time it all ended, I felt like I needed a nap. I had a 6 miler planned after school, but I must admit, I had to really dig into my running heart and soul to get's cold right now and I was tired.

But I have this killer new Nike running jacket:

Ok, I'm a huge Nike clothing fan....I can't stand their running shoes but their running gear kicks butt and this snappy new jacket is no exception. I saw it in last month's Runner's World and it looked like a must have. I'm picky about my cold weather wear because I hate to sweat and then freeze. This jacket truly does "wick" the sweat. I had an under armor base layer on with this jacket and although I did have a bit o' sweat going on, I stayed relatively dry in 38 degrees and I did NOT get a chill. This jacket also has REMOVABLE SLEEVES! Oh hurt turns into a vest too. I couldn't be more in love.

So, tonight I gave it a test drive. I put on my gloves, Brooks tights and new OBX head band that I bought from the expo and I swear when I looked in the bathroom mirror I looked like Mitzi the snow bunny ready for the slopes.

Then I met this fool:

Do you all know his crazy cold ass? Maybe you are too if you are, here is a bit of his resume: 
-Friends call him Snowmiser
-Whatever he touches...turns to snow
-Special abilities include projecting cold rays, lowering the temps of geographic areas and causing it to snow
-Preferred temperature: FREEZING

Whoa momma.....that cold blast from Snowmiser was a slap in the face. It took me at least a mile or two until my legs stopped feeling like popsicles. I hate WINTER....and it's not even here yet. Wonder Boy is trying to cheer me up with visions of a romantic raging fire this the fireplace people!

Anyway, after I finally warmed up and the Nike jacket did it's job, I was pleased with my 8mpm 6 mile run. It felt good to FINALLY be back on the road again!

Happy Wednesday blogger buds.......


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for the memories - I love the snow miser...and the heat miser, too! That's my favorite Christmas show. Now I'll be singing their song all day :-)

Amy said...

Whoa nelly... a jacket that turns into a vest???? Dude, I'm all over that. That's going on my christmas wish list.

joyRuN said...

"10-miler" & "easy week" don't belong together, chica!

Great job getting out there in the cold. Getting out is the worst part, ain't it?

Chic Runner said...

That jacket is pretty sweet! I'm jealous, you are still working out so hard! I'm in awe of your tenacity.

I couldn't run in the cold like you guys do. I'd freeze to death!

Steve Stenzel said...

YAY for coming out of the funk!!

And yep, it's getting colder!! Check out my workout yesterday on my blog which involved intervals and pushup in the snow!

EXTREME Ultimate Fucking Crackhead (EUFC) said...
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Lisa said...

Glad you're feeling good enough to get out there.....sorry you hit the Nasty Old Man head on -- I'm with you. He really sucks!! And I LOVE the new jacket! I'm a huge fan of Nike clothes too (but not their shoes....what's up with that??)

KrissyGo! said...

That jacket rocks like a hurricane! (And probably IN a hurricane, too!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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